In light of the inquiries we have received from museums & historical presses, we now offer
2-Page Fonts for Bible, Latin for English usage, especially for those who wish to compose a page or two from the Gutenberg Bible, set them on the bed of their press, and pull proofs for interested patrons & visitors. The font will leave you with enough spare types in your cases to provide a visual aid to the compositor's craft, and to set announcements and invitations. All B-42  fonts come complete with all the necessary 19.5pt. spacing. Prices for 2pg or 4pg fonts may by had by email or telephone. As the price of the primary metals in our alloy fluctuate daily in the world-wide markets, it is impossible for us to maintain a price here on our website. We try to maintain fonts in stock, but this is not always possible. Please plan ahead. Our casting schedule does get busy at times which force us to think in terms of months regarding delivery.  UPS/shipping costs to destination will be estimated at the time of the quote. The Latin and English schemes have fewer characters so the fonts weigh less, hence, cost less.
FONT SCHEMES: B-42 Guild Blackletter is available in 3 different schemes.

The Gutenberg scheme contains all available Bible characters (245 char.), and will set any 4 pages of the Gutenberg Bible (except geneologies). It weighs in at appx. 230# (104 kilos). Although we use ATF automatic Barth casting machines to cast our types, this font required the machining of a new mold to the dimensions of Gutenberg's original types. There is now a casting machine dedicated to casting this font, and only this font. The casting of B-42 is very labor-intensive. Nearly one-in-five characters must be hand finished on all four sides with 19th century vises and ploughs. Many of the kerning characters must filed by hand, one sort at a time. Much of the spacing material is also cut by hand. Many steps in crafting this font necessarily mirror that of Gutenberg's. It should also be noted that the types are cast at Didot height, .928 inches.
The Latin scheme contains all sorts except  the numerous scribal contractions adopted by Gutenberg from his manuscript exemplar (138 characters).It weighs in at appx. 165# (75 kilos).

The Anglo/American scheme does not contain the Latin contractions,  the long "s" characters or the ligatures peculiar to the B-42 font. It does contain the typical lower-case ligatures and necessary punctuation, as well as a double-U [W] (95 characters total). This scheme weighs in at appx. 150# (68 kilos).
The latter two schemes will set 4 large folio pages in double columns like unto Gutenberg's format.
Additional 6" sort-lines are available of any sort with the purchase of any one of the above schemes.

All three schemes are available in 2-page fonts.

A prospectus is available upon request. Contact the
Art Dept.