This is a faithful recutting of the types of Johann Gutenberg, as seen in his monumental 42-line Bibla Sacra, ca. 1455.
245 characters were drawn, cut & cast, plus another 9 for modern English setting. Fonts are available in three different schemes.

The story
of this project has been previously published in Matrix 22 (2001), pp. 169-182, but is here posted for those interested in the "why", as well as the technical aspects of the recutting and casting.
We have, for the present, a 2pp font of B-42 Blackletter in stock. We don't often cast it; we had 3 orders this summer and figured it may be the last opportunity to cast the font. It takes we two an entire month to cast, dress  and put up a two-page font, working long days. Please feel free to contact us.