Many people ask us if our type can be used for hot-stamping work. Whether it be locked up in a hand-pallet, a Kwik Print, Kingsley, or one of the other machines in use, our Barth-cast type will produce more impressions than any other lead-alloyed type. It is second only to zinc. Many of our hot-stamping customers  use our fonts of small-caps, which we font separately, and are very affordable. At present, we have several faces in stock. Limited edition binders make good use of our Hammer Uncial  and Goudy fonts as well.

Slugs cast on Linotype, Intertype or Ludlow machines can be used, as can types cast from a Monotype Composition caster, but they will be short lived. The alloys used and the casting pressure determine hardness. Types cast on a Thompson sorts caster produce a harder product, and the user can expect about 100-150 impressions
into tough paper or leather. Careful surface imprinting will yield more. Our types are cast on rebuilt ATF Barth foundry-casters, and will yield 6-8 times the impressions at less than twice the price.